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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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because he's funded by you. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ >> the rain is over, around the world, mourning the loss of prince, especially in a city that loved its music like philly. the legacy of this iconic star as we celebrate his music and his life. a teenage girl killed in the high school bathroom, beaten to death. >> all i know is my daughter is gone and she was the love of my life and it hurts. >> now parents, students, left wondering what happened inside
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that school. from south jersey to the white house why a local teen is grazing the cover of the 17 magazine, there she is, with the first lady of the united states. we will talk to her live. nice job in the control room again as you know, a music icon prince died yesterday at his compound in minneapolis. so we are doing little things to pay tribute. you know what you can do right now, it has nothing to do with prince it is earth the day get to parx casino bensalem, bucks county, people are lined up, i don't know as far as you can see but they are line up early, we started one minute ago. we're shredding today. >> bring down any documents and we will take care of them for you, together we will help the environment. >> i might jump in myself. >> we are trying to keep away the rain from that shedding events.
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>> documents, in clothes, just documents. >> and no people. >> i have some underwear i can shred. >> i saw you fargo. >> well, you mentioned lots of tribute, of course, to prince, providing the sound track of our life, there it is, on the radar, purpose will rain, but if you look at our air eighth is not here just yet. yeah we can change the color of radar. we usually use green. i don't know why but we do we have a seven out of ten. bus stop buddy last rain gear with him on the way but it is not here right now. we have mostly cloudy skies, temperatures are mild in the 50's and 60's right now. sixty-four in the city with relative humidity of 75 percent and a high temperature in the upper 70's before a thunderstorm hits later on in the afternoon. we will break it down and bring you the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 7:02. tgif. we are looking live at 422
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starting to see delays from trooper toward the king of prussia interchange the beginning of the rush hour, already jammed westbound on the schuylkill city to belmont eastbound as we go for a ride we have any to girard avenue where we had an earlier accident about an hour or so ago. here's a pick tweeted out of an overturn vehicle and down pole on black rock road right outside neshaminy mall. there is the flag in front of the mall to give you a a location. southbound i-95 your normal delay from cottman avenue gets tight as you hit betsy where we ride brakes into allegheny where we had disable in the right lane and curb side on the freeway, 42 freeway delays toward the city toward walt whitman. we have three delays, three? three lanes now available on the delaware memorial bridge so no delays expected today as you work your way out of new jersey and into delaware. mike and alex, back over to you. >> a vigil will start in a few minutes here for that delaware
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teenager, 16 year-old who was killed in the high school bathroom yesterday. >> she went to the bathroom right before school and ended up in a fight, and it happened, yesterday morning at howard high school will in delaware and steve keeley is there outside where they will have the vigil. >> do you see any kids yet. >> reporter: seeing kid, teachers and everybody and came in through the or side where kids are coming in. you can see flowers, candles, stuffed animals. what we see too often in this country and philadelphia area every time there is a tragic event but this one really stand out. we have a lot of violence in the the city. sometimes we have violence in the schools, weapons in the school but never in anybody's memory does anybody ever recall a young girl beating likely beaten to death the by other young girls in the the rest room of her school. that is what has the world shocked at what happened here at howard high school in wilmington yesterday.
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school only opening, to give school and staff to get together and grief and another vigil in 25 minutes but popular girl killed here yesterday is still just hard to fathom and comprehends for everybody who knew her and for people who didn't know her and just hearing about this. no charges yet against two girls taken in custody, amy joyner francis just turn 16 on the honor role her her dad say a manager of the wrestling team. another girl said this was all over a boy and one of the two girls may have recorded the vicious violence on her cell phone. >> she was a part of my heart. i'm sorry. i think this is a dream and i'm trying to wake up, and i'm
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thinking this is a bad dream that this really did not happen. >> there was privacy but they knew i was there. >> what would you have said to them. >> well, i gave the mother a hug right away and tried my best to comfort her... i necessity what she would be going through. if a student has ever before been killed in the school here in delaware in one can remember it, they said we know what happens in the streets but now this happens in the place that is a safe haven, from all of the street violence. mike and alex. >> my god. >> sad part bit, you wouldn't think, you would think school is last place you send your child and they are getting killed. >> one of our friend of the the show here who has been here many times with his little will girl lee a, devon still went to that high school
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and he is just devastated by this. a lengthy message to students and kid around the country as a matter of fact. just senseless. >> in his note he is talking to the kids and saying you you cannot be taking peoples lives and throwing away yours all for nothing. the senseless. he goes on to talk about it. >> um, um, um. we will take you back when that memorial, vigil begins there in wilmington. but now... >> ♪ >> one of his best, early songs, um. >> yeah. >> he passed yesterday as you know whole world is talk about it. age of 57. he was found dead at his paisley park studios in minute so the a that is where he hung out most of his time. >> now why and how he died
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remains unclear, an autopsy is scheduled later today which could provide some answers. we will talk to tmz who first broke this story that he passed and i know harvey has been speaking about it, he will have inside info but why they are questioning some of the facts out there. >> two different stories are going around. here's what we know so far on one side of the story after he was found unconscious, paramedics tried to perform cpr for 30 minutes but he was dead. members of the prince camp have said the singer was battling a case of the flu and had, excuse me, i had one too and had tocontact he will recent appearances because of that. but he performed in atlanta a week ago. >> tmz is reporting that he was treated for a drug overdose, less than a week ago he had to be rush to the hospital, remember he was on that plane and then they had to divert the plane. they are saying if it was flu you why did they have to divert the plane so quickly if it was only for 48 minutes until they landed. >> they only had about 48 more
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minutes to go before they could have landed in minneapolis. here's harvey's theory. >> if he had the flu, usually people hoff the flu are kind of down low, and then they gradually get better. with prince he was bouncing back and forth because remember in atlanta, he was great, hour and a half later he is having a life threatening problem. the next day he is great again. so tmz says prince held a dance party at paisley park, the hideo owe good day after he was allegedly treated for overdose. again, no official cause of death has been given yet, these are just theories. the autopsy will be happening today, so i'm sure soon we will get information about how and why he died. >> at that dance party he told everybody, everybody calm down now, don't waste your prayers on me right the now. >> his direct quote was wait a if you days before you waste any prayers. >> that was on a saturday
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night and now on this thursday he is dead. after making that comment interesting. >> some people are wondering did he know something was going to be happening. >> lets check out daily news cover again because it is a great picture of prince. >> the doves cry. >> and then we will play a video of prince playing the electric factory. this was my gosh, how many years ago. >> 1998. >> look at that guitar. >> one of our photographers mike greenwich, he did this video and in the beginning he started with a silhouette, owe was on stage and all you could see was this light on the stage and then later he came out and you could see him. >> is there the beginning. >> yes. >> his latest concert in atlanta a few days ago or a week ago it was an electric piano, prince sitting on the bench and a microphone. >> he talk about it my new purple piano and guitar what
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do you think. they are like there is some tweets. i loved the way it looks. >> every radio station is wall to wall prince music a pope eighth thely and quincy is live at 100.3. >> i was listening to 100.3. they were calling, crying. it was amaze to go hear all those songs back to back. >> yes, you know when i first her the news i had to turn on you lady b, legendary voice here in philadelphia, you know how was everybody. >> it is hard to be an announcer at the same time. but we cried together. we were in shock together. we were blind sided together. prince they definitely broke the mold word cannot express. here's a brother who took every ge nre of music to mix it together to make prince music. the impact he haddon peoples
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lives and when somebody gives you the testimony of fame that he was a sound track to their life, what a compliment. >> yesterday, listening to you, at 100.3 i could hear hurt in your voice. >> box of tissues right here crying, trying to get through interviews, hearing listeners cry, my friend, shout out to my good friend laurie, the biggest prince fan i know, heart broken. >> my biggest his legacy was something that he left behind. >> it doesn't get any bigger. we talk about his music around the world and testimonies people gave last night, people dancing in the streets and not only in our country but other countries, and legacy is him, it is his whole package. we can sum him up in one war it would be truth. he was exactly hoe was. last night i was just in hall
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of the humanitarian work he had done privately. never wanted a thank you. never wanted any praise for what he did. he just did it. he did it from the heart just like he gave his music. >> i necessity the answer to this question but will we see, another prince. >> no, not ever. speaking to kenney gamble yesterday, i think he put it best, very rare, every now and then in the blue moon is there an artist that comes like prince. >> thanks, lady b. i know it is a hard time for you, you know, you listening here at 100.3. >> it is all about the listeners. >> thank you. back to you in the studio. >> once in the blue moon, maybe once in the purple moon or under a cherry moon. >> lets get to minneapolis. they had a all night dance party still going on. prince born and raised in minneapolis and never left. >> joining us live there now
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is bill keller where they are still dancing, aren't they. >> reporter: they are, the streets have cleared out, folks heading to work for that strange time in the morning where we have two different groups coming to and from every time front doors of the first avenue opened up i could hear music and it is always a song that you know one of the big ones 1999, little red corvette, you name it, it is a pretty steady stream of folks coming out of here this party expect to last for at least another hour. >> hey bill is first a avenue the club where they shot the film purple rain. >> it is, it is interesting because prince actually owned another club down the street. he didn't own first avenue at the time but they used it assetting for the film. we can see concert scenes and him performing in there. that is where it all takes place. it is a very small venue. but all do respect a dump back in the day, in fact just about a year and a half ago the
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ceiling collapsed. it is an old bus depot. it has some grit and some authenticity... >> it does. >> we will play some of the purple rain the film, if we get back with bill. bernie sanders was going to be on the show. we set up a one on one interview. now he is running late. he will be in a church. he cannot get a signal out of the church. he can only do it the in the church basement. we apologize for. that we will catch up with him when he comes out of the church but after our show is off the air. >> stay tuned to five, six and 10:00 and we will have that interview airing there. >> very busy day for bernie sanders. i will hold a rally in west philadelphia in addition to the festivities at the church at sharon center around 9:00 this morning. >> then this follows three events he held yesterday, including the one in reading and we will have a live crew as mike mentioned.
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we will play that later democratic front runner hillary clinton will be in jenkintown so watch for that motorcade. >> g.o.p. front runner donald trump held a rally at pennsylvania farm show complex in harrisburg. >> he was quite chatty. >> donald says he loves pennsylvania and mentioned his time at the wharton school right here in philadelphia. trump also addressed his image so far during his presidential run and how changing it could hurt his numbers. he is not changing his attitude. >> at some point i will be so presidential that you people will be so bored and i'll come back as a presidential person and instead of 10,000 people i will have about a 150 people and they will say but boy, he really looks presidential. >> he is not going to become presidential, until he becomes president. those comments come on the same day his campaign advisor told republican national committee members and delegates that trump will run a more traditional campaign
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from here on out and next word out of his mouth were lyin and crook hillary. >> yes. >> you think he would go crooked clinton because you like alliteration, sue. >> yes, crooked clinton. >> you know, somebody needs to advise. we have changed the color of the precipitation to purple rain just for today but we don't see any of that precipitation in our area right now, in fact, we are seeing sunshine and then when we get the rain it is not enough to take down these pollen levels. it is tree pollen and it is bothering people this time of the year since it has been over a week since we have had rain last tuesday, and, and, over weekend. and, future cast, we have seen temperatures by lunchtime, zooming into the mid 70's, eventually in the upper 70's by about 2:00 o'clock. so after that when the cold
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front comes through with these warm temperatures, it will touch off thunderstorms, probably more toward evening, maybe ladder part of the afternoon commute, and then by midnight there is still a little bit of rain around and a left over shower at 5:00 in the morning but we will clear clouds out by the of afternoon. the lets get to the seven day forecast and get you through weekend which won't be difficult because there is sunshine in the afternoon on saturday lingering included in the morning. beautiful day on sunday with a high of 70 degrees, more sunshine, milder monday with a high of 78, thunderstorms tuesday, a break on wednesday, back on thursday, so that is your seven day forecast, been kelly, a little bit of sunshine this morning. we have sun glare, not real bad, no the that bad when you come around that conshohocken curve just yet but i-95 southbound delays from the betsy ross in through allegheny, through the construction zone. a truck fire. second one today here on the extension, this time around on the north bound on the
7:19 am
northeast extension near q town heading up between quakertown and allentown. the eastbound schuylkill expressway running slow from the boulevard into girard but later today they will dry to do line painting on the schuylkill and the rine street expressway, and that is all going to be weather dependent depending on the time line of the rain sue just talk b speaking of donald trump they have an event today on the delaware state fair grounds, heading south on route 13 that busy stretch here during the evening rush hour where we will have some extra jams. we have two big regattas on the river this weekend which will close our kelly drive on the saturday. mike and alex, back over to you. flyers have to win tonight, you know that as their playoff series with the capitals continues. >> series moves back to washington where flyers lost game one and two. even after winning game four many people still feel that the flyers don't have a chance. captain claude giroux says that is okay with him.
7:20 am
>> i know people don't give us a shot of winning. we just want to play as a team. we have to play for each other. >> squeeze one out tonight flyers would then play six sunday night, back here in philadelphia a. if you squeeze that one out, then the capitals start thinking. game seven. >> that is true. >> they can still do it. i still believe. >> we have to get back to serious news because it business to begin killed in the high school bathroom that young lady 16 years old, so, the kids faculty is back there a vigil business to begin we will take you there. why should we trust a harrisburg politician
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like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better. china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities
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that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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man, that was a big hit wasn't it. >> from the 80's, it was ace big hit. then we thought, my gosh, 1999, so far away. >> do you see the woman on the right i used to work with her in los angeles, she worked in television before she became a keyboard artist for prince and i cannot remember her name. >> did you interview her once she started working with prince. >> no, i never talk to her again. when she took off from our tv station i never saw her again except in concert. >> well, he sold hundred million record during his life but lauren, we're learning now that he has passed a lot of people are rediscovering his music. >> that number is going to go up for sure. good morning. it is a purple morning.
7:25 am
we are mourning and celebrating left of preps dead at 57 years old. there is so much to tell but him but first of all minutes avenues of his death broke you could see his top songs at the top of the charts on itunes. i'm bringing itune up because on line platform was a big, no, no. a lot of controversy for prince. he supported the artist. wow not let his music stream. pulled from it mess streaming sites last summer except for tidal because tidal you have to pay $10 a month and they treat their artists better than industry does in terms of the other streaming sites. you can find his music on tidal. you'll see it here and there on some other platforms but it is more difficult to have that instant access to prince's music. if you go to amazon good luck finding something still in stock. those 100 million record sold in the 40 years he has been performing that will go up more. beatles, elvis, they sold upward of 200 million. >> i thought you could only
7:26 am
get his music on tidal but you cannon itunes as well. >> you can down load it, yeah good the top of the charts for itune purple rain, little red corvette and when doves cry were top three. >> top three yesterday. >> is what your favorite prince songs. >> i have always liked raspberry barrett the a and song i will play, that he did with sheen a easton i bet you don't even remember it. >> it wasn't sugar walls but that was a good one too. >> oh, man. >> thanks, lauren. >> real quick, alex. >> yes. >> prince was like our size 5-foot one. >> petit power. >> yes. >> he wore heels and played basketball in them too. >> he may have been taller then somebody here.
7:27 am
>> that is fine. >> lauren doesn't look like she's 5 feet tall. >> she doesn't. >> i get that a lot, you are a lot smaller then we thought. >> yes. >> we have to get to this because it is starting in three minutes, a life taken way too soon how a student killed in a fight in the the high school bathroom 16 years old how she's being remembered by the faculty and students in wilmington.
7:28 am
this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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that was a good one. >> one of my favorites here. >> and then down the road, tom jones did a version of it, people were weirded out by it but he made money off of that too. it is surprising how many songs prince wrote that we do not know about, other than the ones he sings. >> tributes coming in from around the world, we are looking at how celebrities are remembering the music icon and
7:31 am
artist from our area talked to prince the night before he died. >> this is spike, of course, in brooklyn outside of his home he had a dance party. that was really cool by spike. lets get to this story from delaware getting recognition around the world. teenage girl 16 years old killed yesterday just before school started. she goes in the girls bathroom there, gets in the fight with other girls and apparently jell soy over a boy. >> her name is amy frances joyner. >> steve is on the story in wilmington, steve. >> we are seeing wilmington police back at the school at all entrances as everybody is coming back in this morning. we're told is this a half day here and you can see parking lot for the staff already filled. the staff probably just as shocked and upset. this is probably one of that are favorite students and they cannot believe this either. we are doing these prince stories all morning and when you think bit these people in wilmington were already in shock before that story was hit because they had their own
7:32 am
tragedy down here this beautiful girl, one of the best kids, one of the honor roll keys, the managers of the boys wrestling team, about this time yesterday she probably just getting to the school now not knowing what was going to happen in the next half an hour and she goes in the girls rest room at quarter after 8:00, gets confrontation and gets beaten so bad they bring a helicopter here to the school grounds because they don't trust that she will live long enough to sit through traffic in wilmington because the happies on the other side of the town. they fly her to the hospital and despite best doctors here in delaware they could not keep her alive. >> in one deserved what happened to my doubt they are morning. i mean i thought that the schools were safe place that you could drop your kid off and they would come home after
7:33 am
school. but, apparently, that is not the case with some of the schools now. >> the parent losing a child, and a schoolteacher losing i child they may have taught last year, the superintendent may have contacted this child, like one of your own, tragic. >> so here we are again, if you come back to the live picture looking at more can also and flowers and stuffed animals just like we did yesterday up in new jersey where there will be a memorial save is, involving a 17 year-old girl but that though was an accident. alex and mike, this tragedy is in accident. >> unreal. as steve reported earlier he is doing live shots for tv stations around the country and around the world. he was talking to bbc in london about this story out of wilmington. people in social media are talking about amy's death using the #rip amy. >> it is mostly young women
7:34 am
teenage girls around the world who are struck by this. this young lady wrote this generation, i don't know anymore. fifteen years old, 16 year-old girl beaten to death over a boy, even if it was an accident, why are you fighting? rip amy. >> and then this guy wrote disgusted and completely heart broken i hate that people filled her getting beaten up instead of helping her. >> that is a rumor going around. it has in the been confirmed. one of the girls was video taping the fight. >> and miss jazz tweeting me saying she thinks all of the web sites and other sites they are promoting this kind of violence so they post varietying videos and kids think this is cool, people get entertainment so they will record it. >> that could have been what this was and then there are reports that maybe she fell and hit her head on one of the sinks killing her. rough day here, sue. >> unbelievable. 7:34 is the time. there is rain on the way but
7:35 am
we don't have it just yet. temperatures are much more milder then they have been any other morning this week in the 50's and 60's, bus stop buddy has the umbrella, yes, we have colored rain purple just for today. none of it made its way just yet. it will be before the day is through it will be raining somewhere. 64 degrees right now. relative humidity gone up from what it has been all week. we expect a high temperature in the 70's to come early in the the day, maybe just after lunchtime, upper 70's, probably and with that warmth and a cold front coming, it the will touch off thunderstorms later on in the afternoon and through the evening and maybe even through the night, so keep that in mind if you have plans to go out for friday night you might just want to have that rain gear with you as well, bob kelly. good morning. 7:35. tgif and war looking live at i-95, we have sun glare this morning enjoy it while we can. it is right a at that
7:36 am
dashboard level. lot at length of the shadows cast here on the cars through the construction zone on i-95. northbound on the extension a truck fire at quakertown tonight northbound lanes, and that emergency construction that is causing a pain in the neck all week hero kay today, delaware memorial bridge, there are three lanes opened. it will be okay, probably will be seeing a brake tap over the weekend but no where near huge backups we had to deal with the last couple of days. schuylkill westbound right now delays boulevard to belmont. inbound a little delay at conshohocken with a little bit of sun glare. mass transit looking good with no delays at the moment, alex, back over to you. well, prince has a long list of his songs that he wrote and performed himself but did you know he wrote a lot of hits for other artists some might surprise you, we will highlight some songs that prince wrote that you didn't know about.
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but there is a lot of songs that he wrote for other artists you may have forgotten about they were big hits, what about this one. >> ♪ >> yeah, i feel for you. >> hey, sue i feel for you. >> no. >> she was a singular artist by then. >> i love this song. you can feel the prince in it, you know what i mean you you can hear it. >> so... >> i feel for you went on to be covered by pointer sisters here in philadelphia, mary well did a version but chaka can's version that became a
7:41 am
big hit that everybody knows and recognizes. >> yes. >> i feel for you good how about the bengals. >> ♪ manic monday >> all of us guys in america had a crush on her, susanna hawk. >> prince wrote this in 1984 as a diet for the band. >> the song was never put on record for her, two years prince authored song bengals under the name christopher. >> a lot of things he didn't want credit for he would do and give and didn't come from me. >> he dated abu-jamallonea. >> the way she describe their relationship they were romantically but long, special friendship, it is kind of
7:42 am
blurry, blurred lines. >> blurred lines. >> how about this one. >> ♪ >> us guys all around the america on her. >> on stevey knicks. >> oh, smoking, stand back. he wrote that one too. >> fleet wood mack singer said she was inspired, by little red corvette, when she went to stand back she called prince, help me out with this and he did, he showed up at a studio to help finish that song for her. >> wow good we want to necessity what your favorite prince song, tweet us or post on fox 29 facebook page but use the #fox 29. >> i could not remember one of my favorite songs that he did with sheen a easton, you have got the look.
7:43 am
>> and, bill, one of our great editors you used to work with one of his drummers lisa a coleman. >> she came back to me. >> yes. >> lauren, are you shredding. >> i'm trying to but people come out to fill up these bins. we want to help with our carbon the footprint. bring your stuff to parx casino and is there a surprise treat. we will tell but it coming up after the break. most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions.
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people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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we have been asking people to request song and they tweeted us with the favorite songs a lot of headlines a around the world, doves are crying all around the world. >> my favorite was now we know what it sound like when doves cry; here's bob. >> i tried to get sometime to pull out all of my records, i had original albums, mike you mention in the day purple rain and all a of the 45's, all of the individual hits. do you remember you needed the little adopter there. >> yes, exactly. >> that was most important thing as a dj. if you lost that you were done: we're in the tunnels here under the schuylkill
7:47 am
expressway. here we go, this is westbound, right at 30th street. an accident in the left lane. so, coming into the city, and into the the tunnel there only that right lane is open. >> southbound i-95 we have any to girard. we have a truck fire and small diesel fuel spill on the northeast extension, northbound north of quakertown. watch for some delays there. three lanes a railable on the delaware memorial bridge heading in to delaware. >> we signed up mike for the regatta you have the bergen and kelly cup. >> i will do kelly cup in your honor. >> we have catholic league championships on the river tomorrow, out on the schuylkill river. that will shut down, our kelly drive, martin luther king
7:48 am
drive, always closed with recreational activities. we have a lot of the walks there, so, coming into and out of the city tomorrow, will be tough, that will put extra volume on the schuylkill expressway, and, the big event, donald trump, political speech down here 4:00 o'clock today at the delaware state fair ground. that will impact our evening rush hour. sue has the forecast coming up in 15 seconds. all right. it is a morning where once again if you are suffering from seasonal allergies the pollen levels are high, and we're predicting, like a medium high level today because of the rain, but it is not enough rain to take levels down over the weekend, so have those tissues nearby.
7:49 am
yes, we did color our rain purple rain just for today. we're watching a few showers nearing harrisburg right new to see if anything moves into our northern and western suburbs. have the rain gear nearby. we will have have mostly cloudy skies, some sun here and there but high in the 70's close to 80's today. some places may make it to 80. by 5:00 we will get more organize, showers and some pop up thunderstorms moving through because it is cooler air, behind the cold front and it will get warm today, and that situation, goes on, through tomorrow morning, and now this latest computer model does have the rain lingering in the early morning hours of saturday, before the sunshine comes in the afternoon. so we may have to change this, but it is still going to be a beautiful rest of your weekend with sunshine in the afternoon on saturday and then on sunday upper 70's on monday so it is
7:50 am
looking pretty good, guys. >> if you are in the 70's, i'm cool. >> all right, sue, thank you. >> 7:50 now. >> well, this morning there is many questions surrounding prince sudden death, at 57 years old. we will go over what we do necessity so far. >> someone found prince dead in an elevator at his suburban minneapolis compound, paramedics tried cpr for 30 minutes. members of the prince camp have said the singer was battling a tough case of the flu and had to cancel recent concerts because of that. but... tmz is reporting a much different story, a alex. >> they are saying he was treated for a drug overdose less than a a week ago and had to be rush to the hospital and they are saying that may have contributed to his death. >> well lets go back to the flu theory here. you and i talk bit all the time. about 40,000 people in our country, die of the flu every year. >> it could be. >> well, what happens is if you get the a bad flu it can cause significant problems.
7:51 am
we all know that. you feel terrible. you have muscle aches and everything. but what can happies you develop a pneumonia and after that because your pneumonia system go hey wire and you can develop pneumonia. that is one of the many possible possibilities here. >> when it comes to what tmz is saying why they think it wasn't the flu because they said when you have the flu he was on the plane. they had to take the plane down because they were only 48 minutes away from his home. do you think something can happen when you have the flu where you have to be treated immediately with the plane down. >> it sound strange to me. >> i agree. >> there are things that we don't know. it is never good to conjecture about things like this we will find out more facts. it doesn't sound right. you can look on line and find numerous different things and accounts. he was tweeting up until the day before, there is also
7:52 am
account of going to a doctor and going to a pharmacy, lots of possibilities here. we need an autopsy. >> he was talking to will smith, the night before he died. so hours were he was talking to will. >> there is something strange about this. i don't know that the flu is the cause, i have no idea. >> i'm concern about this because i like a cocktail or two. >> or two or three. >> or maybe four. >> cocktail related to stomach cancer. it can only make sense. >> well, i brought a few you treats, for you. >> okay. >> the data suggests is that if you consume more than three drinks a day, if you eat lots of things like hot dogs and ham, lots of it, i mean every day, you will increase your risk of developing stomach cancer. in fact, they think that you could reduce one out of seven cancers by just changing your
7:53 am
lifestyle. the thinking is if you drink a lot, the alcohol really is a toxin to the cells and stomach liners. >> what it might do it acts as a direct contact irritant, it may also a how carcinogens, bad things to enter into the cells a little easier and then we all necessity that heavy use of processed meats are a problem. >> moderation. >> as we go in the season, everybody barbecuing and having outdoor parties. >> everything in moderation. you go to the phillies, you can have a hot dog but don't eat too many good everything in moderation nothing to excess. thanks doctor mike have a great weekend. bring your unwanted documents to parx casino. we are hosting shredding event underway. there was a line of cars dumping stuff off and new we have an opening for your car. let's do this. parx casino. bensalem. bucks county. we have been asking for your
7:54 am
favorite prince songs, joan i says i was married in brigantine beach and i walk down the aisle to the best prince song adore. >> that is a gi one. >> how burr favorite, use #fox 29 prince.
7:55 am
7:57 am
>> ♪
7:58 am
>> breathtaking guitar solo but did he those all the time in the concert. what a guitar player. one of my guitar gently weeps written by george harrison and tribute to george at rock and roll hall of fame induction in 2004, playing. is there tom petty. george harrison's son. >> in or of earth day we are that reading your stuff. >> we are trying to help you clear out that clutter. >> yes. >> forget that ridder on your desk. pack up your papers and let us do the work or lauren because she is the one that is there. >> i necessity, it looks good. these are empty because they are working really hard out here, they are dumping here, and just met a woman who had old mail, past record, she has been sitting in her house piling up, time to clean it up. you guys just missed her. but we are partnering with parx. >> yes. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> so, tell me you guys are doing this for everybody. >> well, this is our second
7:59 am
year partnering with you guys on this. last year was amazing. our community, came here and, you know, recycle and get rid of all of their documents. it is fry for them. so it is our way of helping with the community, and, you know, just partnering with you guys in another great event. >> you're offering something great at the even of the deal. >> of course, we are. we have 10-dollar for anyone who come and shred their papers here today and they should come back and have a great time at parx casino. >> we are here until 10:00 a.m. >> i know tons of cars have been coming through, hopefully some more and they take advantage of this great opportunity. >> thanks for having us. >> we will hang out here mike and alex until we get more people to show up. >> now we know where you are, that back lot there at parx casino it is the j lot. >> right off of i-95. good day, it is friday, april 22nd, 2016. here it goes.
8:00 am
>> ♪ >> the death of a legend. >> ♪ >> prince, gone too soon. the tears and the questions, mounting as millions mourn the deaths of a music eye conn. >> tragic tributes pouring in, celebrities remembering prince this morning. plus the local star who talked to him the night before he died. a huge weekend at the box office the huntsmen and elvis and nixon are both in theaters, how kevin spacey is comparing his experience to help the cause. >> this could be my favorite story of the day, we have a cover girl, a local teen posts next to the first lady on the cover of the 17 magazine.
8:01 am
who is she? how did she get the first lady a's a tension? ♪ >> wait until you meet this young lady, she has done so much in 17 years i feel embarrassed. >> all right. sue what do we have? i already forgot the number. >> i will let you know right now you good let's have it. >> out of the scale of one to ten, it is not bad for a day with rain in the forecast. seven out of ten. we have sunshine. rain does not arrive until later on. have the rain gear with you like bus stop buddy, flyers, rain coat, and so, phillies cap and all to good ideas. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. mildest morning we had this week and we have change the color of precipitation on our map, to purple rain just for prince. >> yes, had to. >> absolutely. >> absolutely had to.
8:02 am
>> there is none in our area right now. we see sunshine and 66 degrees. we will head to a high in the 70's, upper 70's before thunderstorms hit later on, so, that is... >> wow, wow, wow. >> is that the door bell. >> do you want to do honors. >> this is great, very exciting. >> come on back. >> it is our 20th birthday, we are celebrating with surprise special guests, let's find out who this is. >> i never got to open up the door. >> big day for you. >> it is jamie. >> jamie shupak. >> hey. >> my goodness. >> welcome. >> so nice to meet you. >> is what up, woman. >> good to see. >> my goodness. >> we did wet are and track for quite a long time. >> would you be up to doing the traffic.
8:03 am
>> i mean why not you are here, let's do it. >> you are coming in here and getting free coffee without working. >> now you have the the clicker. we have to up great the clicker since were you here before. >> new and improved? so go a head. >> there is the green screen, bam. >> it looks like we have something happening on the schuylkill expressway this morning. >> look at this, that is not an accident, that looks like a stalled vehicle on the eastbound side, stop in and say hi to us here, hi. >> just keep going now is there people waiting behind you but that is eastbound on the schuylkill at 30th street a real busy spot. then, we have to take a lot at ben franklin bridge. everything nice and quiet here for your friday morning commute. no problems in and out of new jersey. we will look at is what happening on the roads. how about this... my goodness on the northeast extension, quakertown we have an accident and a fuel spill. that is going to take a little while to get out of the way a void that if you can. then lets look at your travel
8:04 am
times here maybe i'll get out of the way of the travel times. >> i need to stan on the other side of the screen. >> ninety-five from woodhaven road looks good, it doesn't look good, 29 minutes. that looks okay here north bound on 422 getting out to the walt whitman bridge an 11 minute ride. >> hey james what i years did you you do "good day philadelphia". >> 2008 and 2009. >> i think i worked with you for a few months. >> i think you came in and then i left, not that much after that. >> was it something i did. >> yes, mike. >> i did do anything weird. >> you, never. >> that is a good response. >> did you run up to new york inn get married. >> my husband is here, he is taking pictures of us. >> yes. >> we will talk to you you in a little bit.
8:05 am
>> yes. >> hi, brian. >> you see him on cnn all the time, doing a great job. we will mike him up and talk to him too. >> good to have have you back. >> we have to get around this horrible story, a lot of people are talking about in wilmington delaware this young woman beaten to death, basically in the bathroom of the high school before she started classes yesterday morning. >> police say when they found 16 year-old amy frances joyner in the bathroom of howard high school of technology in wilmington she was still alive but later died from her injuries at du pont children's hospital. officials say it is unclear why the fight started but there have been rumors that it was over a boy. amy's dad remembers her as being bright and loving. >> all i know is that my daughter is gone and she was the love of my life, and now it hurts. >> i thought that the schools were a safe place that you can drop your kids off and they
8:06 am
would come home. after school but apparently that is not the case with some of the schools now. the children are, out of control. >> they made it, the school heard about this and they canceled class immediately and they decided to get student and faculty together and that is why they are in that school right now, hugging each other, crying, trying to come to terms with what happened yesterday. they will have a early dismissal at 11:15. >> all right. investigators in camden county, looking into the cause of the fire that damage at least a half dozen row homes. this happened on the 800 block of haddon avenue knew in camden. >> to this was around 4:30, it took fire fighters about 90 minutes to get fire under control, five kids and two adults were taken to the hospital. >> we will check on their condition but we have a lot of people who don't have a place to go back to tonight. >> the presidential campaign, man all five candidates are in
8:07 am
our area. >> let's start with the democratic side with hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are here. clinton will speak in jenkintown and sanders will speak in west philadelphia on the republican side donald trump will be at delaware state fair ground this morning, ted cruz will appear in allentown tonight. >> and, of course, we left out john kasich. he is in that area again today, and he spoke in media last night. >> pretty darn good turnout too. we will find out where that will be in just a second. >> fans of prince rodgers, and nelson. and,. >> a lot of people are talking about on media, if you listen to the radio,. >> it was a pretty tough day, and it took people by surprise. >> i mean definitely. i think the only thing is,
8:08 am
michael jackson passed away, a couple years ago. >> and, will never forget and, to prince. you you know, here's the thing i'm here at iheart media steve harvey morning show is on and he is playing music. the phones are ringing off the hook. just to hear, you know, his body of work. he had so many songs that you somehow forget about. you know prince was very protective over his music. if you tried to go to itunes or google will or go to you tube, you really kind of need the physical copies because prince really didn't just have his music out there, floating around. i remember, going to a prince concert, you know, early on, maybe eight to ten years ago and jill scott opened up for him at the wells fargo center. he was so savvy because he would have, you know, a little rift with his record companies when he put slave on his face and when you purchase a ticket
8:09 am
to the prince concert you received a cd. so he was also business savvy where he was actually a big artist that was kind of of moved as an independent artist as well and next hour we will talk to patty jackson, legendary patty jackson, wdas, to talk about what is going on with her and how everybody has been responding to the life and times of prince. >> all right, quincy we will look forward to meeting with patty. 8:09. huge weekend at the bob office this movie huntsmen coming out and one i want to see is elvis and nixon both in theaters. >> kevin spacey is here and how is he comparing this experience to house of cards. >> is he playing nixon, kevin spacey. and then there is jen? >> people have been -- king of prussia mall, they have seen this structure an indoor sky diving, we are right by nordstrom rack and all that, a lot of people are like what the heck is it.
8:10 am
the guys when you come in and see this i have to say, as will cool as i thought it was, before, those are real people doing it right now, we will show you them in just a few minutes. joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means high out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt.
8:11 am
women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief- over the counter in full prescription strength. with walgreens right around the corner, it's easy to get more complete relief in a flash. how's that for picture perfect? well... "perfect" might be a slight exaggeration. swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
8:12 am
across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
8:13 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ best super bowl half time ever, and some people agree. >> it was a good one. you have to admit it was a good one. >> and, i guess i will remember, it was in miami, because the florida rain started to pour down on him, purple rain. >> it was so perfect. >> is there that cool look. >> very cool look. >> keep the tweets coming.
8:14 am
i am getting a lot and you are too. >> most beautiful girl in the world, is casey's favorite. >> good one. >> i played that for my daughter. use the hash to go fox 29 prince. >> i see a beautiful woman right now, sue serio. >> i can slow dance to that song. we did change the color on our radar to purple rain. we are seeing a little bit of rain in the state capitol here, of harrisburg. we have cloudy here. the cold front will come through and takes temperatures down a little bit. high pressure has been our weather maker for over a week and we're getting rain. last tuesday a week ago tuesday was last time we had any rain around here. we will not get a lot but because temperature will go to 80 degrees, by mid afternoon, once this cold front hits,
8:15 am
with cooler air, it will touch off thunderstorms. would i say six or seven or 8:00 o'clock you could experience some of those and maybe in the overnight hours. some of that rain could linger in the earl will i part of saturday for some of us, new computer models indicate ago this. we have temperatures in the 60's. it is the mildest morning of the week. 58 degrees in mount pocono. here's the seven day forecast. 79 degrees today. eventually some showers and thunderstorms. seventy-two, as skies clear, during the afternoon tomorrow, by sunday it is a ten out of of ten with sunshine. we will call it superb sunday, milder monday and then some thunderstorms return on tuesday. that is your seven day forecast, it is, traffic time, with jamie, stiller new not jamie shupak. >> everybody greeted me as jamie shupak and it brought me back. >> that is your stage name. >> correct. >> when were you here.
8:16 am
>> lets get to some traffic. we have a backup here on the vine street expressway toward 30th street toward the schuylkill expressway. there was a disable truck on the ramp there so give yourself some extra time on the vine. lots of traffic there, as you head toward 30th street and lots of heavy traffic here on 422 coming around the curve. this is a normal spot for morning commute it get all backup and plenty of sun glare too. lot a that, sue said there will be bad weather rolling in. we will keep you posted on that. >> i always listen to you jamesy i listen to you too, sue. they will do line painting on both schuylkill and vine later so do make sure you are ready for those backups, already some heavy traffic on the eastbound side of the schuylkill and then as sue said bad weather rolling in get ready for possible weather delays, at your local airport. >> jamie what are you doing, still doing traffic in new york. >> i do traffic on new york one every morning.
8:17 am
>> you do a great job too when i'm up there i see you. >> thank you. >> the guy that host the show. >> pat. >> he has been around there forever. >> hes been there forever. >> don't you have some stage show together. >> we do live talk show, 92nd street in new york. >> listen to you in your life. we will get caught up with her in a little bit. >> i want to see this movie nixon and elvis because it is a bizarre story from the 07's. the meeting back december 21st in 1970 between elvis pressly and president richard nixon. here's a clip. >> do you remember when you talk about fighting for nixon. >> i get this letter from the president. >> never guess in the million years who just showed up. >> it is elvis, elvis pressly. >> you swear this isn't a joke. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> so you think we should meet with him. >> yes, mr. president. >> during my map hour. >> he could really help us.
8:18 am
>> we would like a badge. >> like to go under cover. >> i have been in 31 major motion pictures and that makes me a costume in disguise. >> this really happen, kevin mccarthey, a lot of people it is hard to believe. >> mike and alex, good morning to you. i'm with you, mike. one of the most incredibly bizarre stories i have ever her and this really happen december 21st, 1970, elvis showed up at the entrance of the white house and with a letter for president nixon, and basically they had a meet ago this day, that photograph that was taken of them is the most photographed, most requested photograph ever in national archives history. >> we have it. >> it is an amazing story. >> now elvis gave him a hand gun. >> well, here's the crazy part, he wanted to be a federal agent at large. that was the whole reason he
8:19 am
was meeting with nixon. it is an amazing story. these photographs, before nixon was recording in the oval office. the michael shanon who plays elvis pressly. kevin spacey playing president richard nixon. >> where are you, fdr park. >> yes, i'm in faragot band, they are in the tribute ban they are doing a prince tribute show today because we are celebrating the muse being of prince, that is why we are out here, and incredible spring concert series. rocking my purple out. we're all shocked and saddened bypassing of prince but why not celebrate his music to day. that is exactly what we're doing. prince will never, ever truly die, he will always be in our hearts, his soul will be here on earth, greatest guitar player of all time. we are having fun and talking about his muse being and his legend. that is why i'm out here in
8:20 am
d.c. good how did kevin spacey do at richard nixon how many stars did you give it. >> i gave that movie a four out of five. i recollect men seeing it. i gave it four out of five. i spoke to kevin spacey, and i asked him what would his house of card character president underwood have said to richard nixon if they could meet, watch this. >> it is a good question, i don't know, one is obviously fiction and one is a real person. it would be interesting working in the oval office although the oval office set from west wing and the movie dave and our oval office in house of card is our own that we built. i think underwood would have a deeper conversation with johnson then he would... >> five stars. what about huntmen.
8:21 am
>> four out of five. >> not a good movie, mike. i gave that two and a half out of five. prequel and sequel to snow white. basically live action version of frozen, in the worth seeing, not worth your money. mike and alex, i love you guys. thanks for having me on the show. i appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> two connect or in the enough. >> parent and children exchange thousands of texts a year but shocking amount of time they spend face-to-face. >> oh, face-to-face with your parents. >> here's lauren face-to-face with you. >> i was just face-to-face with one person, check this out, one bin from one family, that is a lot of old mail. we have people showing up here now, dumping things in the back, getting ready to get shredded. lets talk to him quickly. >> you have a lot of boxes, what do you have. >> that is what we're doing. >> you have a whole trunk
8:22 am
full. >> my gosh, mike and alex, they are busy, i have to get in here and help, clear the roadway. >> there is the song right there. sheen a easton. i have seen that babe 5,000 times. celebrities, local star who talked to him the night before he died. across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion
8:23 am
with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
8:24 am
therwe cannot defeatsay a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts
8:25 am
and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. the movie is let's go crazy, being played on stage. they showed the movie, they are making out. they went crazy. >> yes. >> it makes you want to go crazy. >> now, i don't know if i mentioned my ex-girlfriend tamara of eight years, that was her. >> the blonde hair, going back, she was a dancer then
8:26 am
and she danced, living in minneapolis, and living in minneapolis and they asked her to come dance in the video. >> will they show her again. >> have after we have already seen her. >> mike, i have to look good we will do it later. >> not that blonde. >> no, her hair is flying in the background. >> we will show it again. >> all right. >> just about everybody in hollywood responded to the death yesterday. >> we will show these celebrity tributes. >> will smith talked to him the night before. >> that is creepy thing. i just spoke to him last night. you have to wonder what they talk about as if they have any clue. he said he was stun. sheila e, one of his best friend, amazing drummers. the meaning of the word loss has taken on new meaning this day, thank god, love lives, four ever. >> sheila e. >> he was married twice. >> this is his second wife. >> i cannot even think of the word of what i'm's feeling
8:27 am
this man was my everything. we had a family. i a am beyond deeply saddened, devastated. i loved him then, i love him now and i will love him eternally. he is with our son now. >> they had a son, who died a week after he was born. >> justin timberlake. >> he wrote something long but he talked about all of his music was inspired by prince. >> he was four years old when raspberry barrett came out. >> he said they don't mean to let you down but no, it was one of the best encounters he ever has, getting to meet prince. >> 8:27. >> jen, let's get out to you right now. >> do you see this situation here? it is real, it is in the king of prussia mall parking lot, and they are not kidding, it is called ispy. the guys are not bad looking either. come on over, we will see what they can do. it is amazing. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:29 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm ing to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:30 am
8:31 am
death of the legend, prince, gone too soon. some people think millions mourn the music icon they are trying to figure out how, how did he die. cover girl, a local teen posts next to the first lady, on the cover of 17 magazine. what she did to get first lady's attention and now she has national attention. i have always wanted to do this if you had are looking for a new kind of thrill, pay attention to this indoor sky diving has come to king of prussia our jen fred will try this out on live tv, jen, i have to ask you, are you nervous at all. >> i am not nervous, turf say after i went through lesson and he was like casey, my
8:32 am
teacher says don't worry about this or that, he gave me a lot to think about. >> good morning you you are the manager, of this. these are some of the guys. not only are they instructors but they can do great stunt. that is kind of what you look like when you start. everyone starts out as a belly flyer, easiest position to master. >> they look like a training video for nast, it doesn't look real. >> i say that self every time, is there people in midair. >> so go crazy, do your flips and go nuts. that is casey our instructor. you say that your number one market is kids age seven to 13 and moms, mostly women 25 and up, yes there a kid as youngs three can do this. >> what makes it so everyone can do it, it looks hard and it looks harder then it seems why is it that everyone can do it because they hold your hand a little bit. >> number one hour instructors
8:33 am
are very well trained by international body flight association and they are constantly working to hone their skills, they can train a three-year old first time flier to military paratroopers. >> so people who sky dive before come in here what toe think. >> they think it replicate the free fall portion have the sky dive. >> start 69.95 to go sky diving, 500 bucks and half day. you can do this in an hour or two. >> two hours, start to finish. >> and then part of the rental fee you get the outfit. >> you get all of your gear, the flight suit, goggles, ear plugs and helmet. you receive a classroom training session, and you also get one on one coaching from them inside the tunnel as well. >> how do they not get suck up into there. >> well, ifly using state of the art technology. it is four engine powering the
8:34 am
most advanced propellers available that pull air gently up in the the flight chamber. >> what does that mean in english. >> it is absolutely not going to happen good we can control the wind speed, the gentlemen sitting behind the computer screen there, he is customizing the win speed for the height, weight and size. >> do i have to tell them how much i weigh. >> no. >> and is he doing it, special way for these guys because they are pros. >> he is, so, it is all about that. >> you have to show off moves. >> he is showing off with his sky diving have moves. >> absolutely casey is a pro. >> do kids and mom get to see him a bit before they try. they put on a air show at the end of have session for the team. >> that is hilarious. >> so here's what will happen, mike an alex everyone in the
8:35 am
studio, i will do some practicing. we will get video of my first flight. you will talk at 9:40. she will do play by play because you cannot wear jewelry or anything in there and it will get suck up and taken away somehow. >> i want to see some stuff like this jen. >> yeah, i'm sure that will happen. >> i told casey, he is going down. >> like a piece of trash floating around downtown, you know. >> yeah. >> i was able to to it, if i was able to do it. >> were you on your head. >> i could not get to the head stand but fly like a bird and you just whoever like a hawk. >> this could be a new you way to do weather on tv is just to be in the weather, flying like that. >> well, temperatures in the 50's and 60's this morning. he is wearing shade because we have sunshine but don't forget rain gear if you are outside
8:36 am
all day because you will need it later on. in philadelphia we have 66 degrees. we have sunshine but there is rain on the way. just for today we have color the precipitation differently. it is purple rain, getting close to lancaster, berks county this morning. watching out there keep that in mind. temperaturessed in mid to upper 70's before the thunderstorms and they should fire up this afternoon. that is a look at your forecast, so bob kelly, will you do traffic and let us know what is going on. >> i'm catching a sale here. >> look at you with your feet up. >> check out my socks. >> those are great socks. >> i have to ask a question why are all of our guests recently former traffic reporters. >> what does that mean for the position here. >> there is a a high turn over rate because is there in the an easy job. you've got days, bob. >> maybe i should flip through help wanted ads.
8:37 am
>> hi, jamie. >> take it away. >> they brought me in and said you needed a day off, you get to keep your feet up there. lets look the at the vine street expressway and see some delays from the earlier salt truck on the ramps there eased out. still some slow traffic coming into town here on the left side of your screen. we will look at is what happening here the on the blue route, and earlier we were looking at a stalled vehicle on the side of the road. stalled vehicle is out of the waste but still plenty of traffic here coming past that earlier incident. coming into town here 42 minutes on the schuylkill heading in to the vine. then on i-95 south we are looking at busy traffic as well, four minutes, back to you and have more traffic coming up. >> we are taking you to lunch after the show today. here's the caveat, the servicer are all name. >> hey, married girls can have
8:38 am
some fun too. >> have you ever seen brian naked. >> welcome back, jamie. >> and she's back. >> well, i have. >> we will tell you where this restaurant is after the break.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
ronnie, i agree with you. the sound track of the batman move which jack nicholson, that bat dance, we we will play that for you. good video and good song. get busted. we are less than a hundred days until chris wallace of "fox news" sunday will be sitting here with me because that is when the democratic national convention comes to our great city of philadelphia. of course, the primary, pennsylvania, delaware are this tuesday.
8:42 am
chris, who do you have on this sunday. >> well, we will talk, first of all to paul manifor but most people know about him. he is basically the new man in charge of the trump campaign, convention manager but really campaign manager. he has been around i have known him since the reagan years, an experienced washington hand, trump is reaching out to more establishment group and trying to tone it down a little bit. it will be interesting to go see in the pennsylvania primary next week and going forward from there whether he tones down his personal attacks and some of the flamboyant language to show people that he can be and is presidential. >> just yesterday he calls crooked hillary and he is still calling ted cruz lyin ted. they are all here in philadelphia and pennsylvania as you know. so, then you have debbie on? >> well, yes, congress woman debbie wasserman schultz, i don't call her debbie. >> i know her. >> she's the head of the
8:43 am
democratic party, big question for her is bernie sanders, it does look like hillary clinton will be nominee the question is will sanders stay in and if he does, will he tone down his personal attacks against hillary clinton from new york where he basically was calling her a corporate sellout taking millions from wall street. it will be interesting to go see both interviews paul manafort or as you like to refer to her as debbie. >> i a will guys to that. >> the big d. >> listen, cw, what is your favorite prince song. >> you know, that is a good question, the one that has been echoing in my head ever since i heard the terrible news but i don't know if that is my favorite prince song. i will tell you quickly that last september he had a pop up concert here in washington, a announced two days notice in a small theater. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. i got a ticket. i watched it. he was fantastic. two and a half hearst of pure
8:44 am
prince. >> i will miss that. great experience, chris. we will see you sunday. >> thanks, mike. keep send nothing tweets. we are getting a lot of them here and on facebook because of the prince songs you loved so much. more of that after the break. gloverwhen i visitedi knew whmy family in georgia.ike when i saw bernie sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation, it was powerful. dr. martin luther king jr. was building a poor people's movement where blacks, whites, latinos, asian-americans would come together around economic justice, and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us.
8:45 am
that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
8:46 am
8:47 am
whole world knows by now prince died in minute so the a so anytime is there entertainment news, it seems like tmz is breaking news. >> there is a lot of questions surrounding his death and a lot of theories out there people are saying different things. officials say paramedics tried to perform cpr for 30 minutes but they run a able to revive him. prince was 57 years old. now members of the camp said he was battling the flu. let get to tmz and harvey was talking about this. >> we have a store friday multiple people where it was in the the flu but he was treated for a drug overdose, and it gist all a weird kind of story about a guy who one minute seems fine and the next
8:48 am
minis in dire trouble. >> i think that is why it is so shocking because it seemed to happen so quickly. >> so dax, what have have you learned over last few hours, overnight. >> yes, i can tell what you harvey says he was treated for this overdose six days before he passed away. that emergency landing, in illinois was to be treated at the hospital for overdose and they gave him a save shot which is typically to counter act opiates which come in different forms. he was in pretty bad shape when they showed up at the hospital. doctors suggested he stay there for 24 hours to be observed, and then they left within three because hospital could not provide a private room for him, and they said okay, then we're out of here. we're told he looked like he was in really bad shape when they took him out of the hospital and flew him back to minute so the a i think doctors in the hospital probably pretty surprised to
8:49 am
see him leave. either way it is interesting that his people have have for the so hard to make everyone a wear it was flu-like symptoms when clearly it was not. >> you guys were able to confirm with the hospital, but people are still saying the flu. >> you know, here's the thing, we have been reaching out to his people, non-stop and they have just gone radio silent at this point. >> you guys are confirming then that it was, it sound like some kind of overdose. we are talking about -- >> thinks the emergency landing. >> hold on a second but the emergency landing, you guys are saying that they shot what do they call it, the save shot. >> the narcan. >> is that what you are talking about. >> this is one, counter act the opiate effects the save shot. >> yes. >> so that is when he was given the day he had emergency landing.
8:50 am
obviously we have also brought up the fact he was outside that walgreens the night before at 7:00 p.m. he was there four times that week and people inside that walgreens the night before had said he looked, very frail, he was very nervous, very different prince then what they are used to seeing in that walgreens over the last couple of years good if you get narcan you can get at a drugstore. >> there was stuff all over internet one person said they saw him riding his bike only a couple days before too. >> that is the other thing. he was out riding his bike, he had gotten up on stage that one night right after he did emergency landing, did not perform but went out there to reassure the audience that he was okay. a lot of weird factor here. he was found in the elevator where they tried to give cpr and they were unsuccessful. >> wow. no matter how it happened it is just horrible, dax. >> thanks very much. >> we will be looking for more information from you guys on
8:51 am
tmz live today. here's the best story of our day, a cover girl, local teenager, posts next to michelle obama on the cover of the 17 magazine, what she said to get the and. >> and, all the way down there but people are showing up. and they are filling up the buckets out here. so we cannery cycle on this earth day, we want to make sure we get private paper out of the hand of those who want to be protected against identity theft, those nasty things that happen when people get their hand on this stuff. lets sign up to this one man who see what she is turning in. she has a fullback seat mike and alex. fight back and rebuild
8:52 am
an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:53 am
ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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hey, welcome back to "good day philadelphia" on this friday morning. i'm's not bob kelly, i'm jamie seltzer. >> we are looking at the schuylkill expressway here, heavy traffic coming into town from montgomery drive so just keep that in mine heading in to center city this morning. heavy traffic on 422, lots of sun out there so it is dreary but sunnies always nice to see. they will work on the schuylkill, all weekend long, tomorrow they will be doing some work over bypass i young avenue from city avenue. keep that in mind from 6:00 a a.m. to 2:00 p.m. if i don't block it you can see is what cooking there. mike and alex. >> who is that. >> we said we used to necessity her as jamie shupak she did traffic here for two an a half years. we will talk to her in a little bit. nice job, jamie.
8:56 am
>> local teen poses next with michelle obama, first lady on the cover of the 17 magazine what he did to get her attention and now she's getting national attention. people are send nothing their tribute to prince, linya mason says cheesing one sing is like eating one piece of popcorn out of the bag. vicky said i love everyone of his songs, very hard to pick just one. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos -
8:57 am
8:59 am
that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. ♪ good day, everybody. it is friday, april the 22nd,
9:00 am
2016. sue serio joins us as we enjoy all of the prince music all morning long. >> good morning, sue. >> hey. >> well, i still can't believe it. >> i know. >> hard to believe. >> keep songs coming. we will play our favorites in a bit along with yours. too connected are you? but also not enough, parents and children exchange thousands of texts every year but the shocking amount of time they actually spend face-to-face. it is shrinking. >> cover girl a local teen posts next to the first lady on the cover of the 17 magazine, how she got the cover, and how she got to meet the first lady. >> let's go sky diving inside, we are, jen? >> okay, guys, the training has to start sometime so i'm ready to fly. ready to go. >> okay, she will try this. >> it is just a little teeth. >> see,


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